Lexatrade Overview

They only claimed 10 years of experience in the financial markets. IQtrade also wants their clients to know that traders working with them have 10 years of experience and will deliver consistent monthly profits through a regulated broker.

According to customer reviews, customer support and advice are very helpful and friendly. This means that LexaTrade is planning to be on the market for a long time and cares about the success of its customers. If you are a beginner investor and decide to open your first account on the exchange, for a successful start, you need to find a stable and reliable investment broker. You need a partner who will help you navigate the flow of information, understand how the market works and what points to pay special attention to.

lexatrade overview

The broker was registered in 2018 at Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The company has a certificate of conformity IFMRRC No. 0395 AA V0142 and is licensed by the Securities Commission. Aside from the Web platform, LexaTrade also offers another powerful trading platform in xCritical. The xCritical mobile app has an intuitive and simple interface that helps traders navigate the platform easily.

Positive Reviews

There are no reviews or feedback at all regarding the services offered by this broker. Assuming you deposited $100 and lost 60% of the funds and attempted to withdraw $40, Lexa Trade broker would never process such withdrawal request. We’re not sure what LexaTrade broker means by saying “a free trial account with profit”. Clicking on the link to discover more takes us to a sign up page where the broker requires us to create lexatrade overview a trading account. They even tout a variety of stocks for trading claiming that this will spread the potential risk involved in stock trading. broker help traders use the loyalty of traders in the company’s services, as well as attract more investors interested in developing a digital platform. Looking at reviews about LexaTrade on various websites shows that this broker is actually trusted and respected by its clients.

  • The minimum deposit amount for U.S. users using online banking is $50, both for first-time deposits and redeposits.
  • There are many other courses out there going for thousands of dollars.
  • It automatically performs real-time technical analysis in real-time.
  • This drives some merchants to open small accounts and take massive risks.
  • Forex is a trade that has risen in popularity over the last decade.
  • It is worth mentioning that some of the trading products and services in this LexaTrade review may differ or not be available to traders in some countries due to regulations.

Trading instruments offered may differ based on the country of residence of the Client. LexaTrade is a modern broker working on efficient trading terminals. It provides its clients with a serious training base and professional account management. The list of services even includes VIP services for the largest investors, which characterizes the company as an organization focused on the profit of its users. Register in the LexaTrade system and get a starting bonus for more efficient transactions. Test your strength on a test account, use the settings for convenient trading on one of the platforms. The basic version of the account gives a 30% plus to the account balance.

The phrase you could lose more money than you began with is embedded in every risk disclaimer and every trader should be aware of this before trading. A client losing his funds from trading due to market circumstances is not a legitimate grounds for giving any broker a bad review. XCritical is a convenient alternative to desktop and web platforms. Its portability allows clients to trade anytime and anywhere without the hassle. You can open positions, check your account, and execute trades without delay. With XCritical mobile app, you can set stop loss and take profit levels, track the movement of various assets’ quotes, know currency forecasts, and check your account balance any time.

With these in mind, the allegations of fraud against the firm are seen as baseless and may simply be seen as the traders’ ignorance of how trading actually works. With all the points that have been discussed here, it is to the hope of the review team that the readers are assisted into making an informed decision to whether or not to trade with LexaTrade. It must be stressed that the reviews above were taken from existing, legitimate review sites. What these telegraph of the brokerage has proven to be polarizing at the very least.

Lexatrade: Broker Reviews And Platform Overview

At the tip of each month, we took a screenprint of the account standing. We did the same after 1 year after which compared the actual performance of the allotted $1,000 with the gain % reported within the LexaTrade interface. To my surprise, from the merchants for which a comparison was possible over both accounts, a total of 8 results had been higher in our account. One by one you possibly can copy the portfolio of merchants who additionally commerce with LexaTrade. You can flick through the profiles of different LexaTrade traders, checking their previous performance on an annual and a month-to-month stage. Additionally, LexaTrade also applies a risk rating to each dealer.

Albeit contrary to one client review above, this issue can be easily identified as a misinformed judgment on the client’s part. In one way or another, clients who were unable to withdraw their funds from their accounts might have violated some conditions and guidelines without them knowing it. LexaTrade has proven that it belongs on the list of top forex brokers in the industry. trader It displays high functionality, great customer service, convenience, availability, and dedication to its clients. It improves its services based on what its clients ask for, and this has earned the trust of traders everywhere. Real reviews on LexaTrade can attest that this broker is worth trading with. These client reviews show that LexaTrade is a trusted forex broker worldwide.

Deposit and withdrawal can be made via money transfers, bank cards, internet wallets. DON’T WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY IN THIS FRAUD LEXATRADE trading company. Guys come together to take action against this SCAM LEXATRADE, we need community to expose this scam at international platform.

Platform Selection

Up to 50% of the total amount of the initial deposit of the referred client will be awarded to the referring trader. This is mostly the case when a broker buys a white label from a company that offers MT4 trading platform for renting. Every broker has received negative feedback from customers, critics, and even the Foreign exchange market general trading industry. This is a common thing in industries where services are the main product of companies. Even the most reliable companies that have graced the top brokers’ list in years have received negative feedback. Trading tools and materials are as integral to trading as the platform that you use.

Yes, if you can send you platform chart trading with them, it will be easy and please try sending your email, so we can reach you easily. We would like to see some real feedback from traders to even think of trusting Lexa Trade broker. LexaTrade broker is essentially saying that they will only give you your profit when you forex analytics have attained their required volume of trades. Traders are advised to avoid brokers who charge unnecessary fees for the use of their services. This regulatory body is one of the most trusted in the world, meaning that earning a regulatory status from this organization guarantees the safety and reliability of a broker.

This platform is considered as the gold-standard for every other trading platform in the industry. It was developed by MetaQuotes and launched to the public in 2005. The MT4 is a classic choice in trading currencies and CFDs because of its user-friendly interface, speed of execution, and high-grade terminal work.

lexatrade overview

All suppliers have a share of retail investor accounts that lose money when trading CFDs with their firm. For professional traders there is a special Active Trader program available, with which you can trade at five price levels. On the first level, 1.2 pip spreads are available for the euro/dollar currency pair.

About Lexatrade

LexaTrade is an online retail trading broker that provides traders with multiple trading platforms for the online trading of over 170 financial instruments across different asset classes. This is an advanced trading platform that was developed in 2005 and has since grown to become the platform of choice for most forex and CFD traders worldwide. The brokerage company LexaTrade login is an organization with many years of experience that provides traders with services within their electronic system. Today, the broker positions itself in the foreign exchange market as one of the most successful. I have been working with this LexaTrade broker for six months now.

lexatrade overview

New broker users have the opportunity to get insurance against losses for one trading day. The company compensates the trader for losses ranging from 500 to 5,000 USD. In addition, new customers can receive a bonus of 30% of the amount topped up. For example, transferring a deposit of USD 1,500, the company will add another USD 450 to this amount. These funds can be used in Forex and other financial markets for profit.

These reviews deserve attention along with negative ones of LexaTrade lie. The main Internet resource of the company LexaTrade is a commercial project. The company made this site to attract as many traders as possible. Through the LexaTrade platform, one can work with open and closed deals and effectively limit orders with ease. One is also given the capability of viewing all trades through a singular instrument. Much like the other brokerages within the region, there is no clear literature or evidence that LexaTrade is being regulated by any financial authority. This is the case as the local government of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines simply does not regulate Forex.

In this LexaTrade review, we will take a look at some of the most important factors worth considering when choosing a forex broker for your online trading needs. This includes trading platforms, trading tools, research and education, account funding options, customer support, and broker regulation. LexaTrade’s mid-tier and most recommendable account can be accessed at a minimum deposit of $10,000. Not only that, it also gives access to stock markets at a limit, participation in focus groups through invitation, special offers from a broker, and earnings season trading at limited amounts.

Lexatrade Deposit & Withdrawal

LexaTrade have developed its impartial vanilla options platform which is designed to be consumer-pleasant and promotes simplicity in buying and selling as its core concept of the company. It is used by institutional merchants to hedge against volatility but also for long term buying and selling.

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